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Our Swings

Gravotonics Yoga Swings...

  • Help to deepen your yoga practice by building strength and flexibility

  • Awaken body awareness and improve alignment

  • Release stress and tension

  • Relieve pain and can be used as part of a rehabilitation program including Inversion Therapy

  • Are portable and pack into a neat bag weighing only 1.3kgs

  • Are affordable and suitable for all ages and fitness levels from sports professionals to complete novices

  • We can custom make our Aerial Yoga Swings to the dimensions and color combination of your choice

All Gravotonics Swings are handmade locally in our family run workshop in Bali, Indonesia by a dedicated, skilled team of professionals that have been with us since the beginning. They are conscientious, hardworking, loyal and proud of the products they produce.

The Importance of Purchasing the Right Equipment

With so many swings on offer, you have to consider the critical issues of quality and safety when purchasing! You don’t want to pinch pennies when it comes to a device like this that requires stability, safety and quality construction.

Whether you're just starting out in Aerial Yoga or not, buying the right equipment can often prove something of a challenge.

First of all, there's the question of figuring out exactly what you need from an often bewildering range of options. It's easy to think that all Aerial Swings are basically the same until you set out to actually buy your first one!

Secondly, once you know what you're looking for, you have to find it. There are two absolutely critical considerations to take in to account before you purchase. These are:

Safety - safety is the number one rule when buying sports equipment to protect users from injuries, particularly when hanging upside down from a height.

Would you want to be hanging dependent upon a cheap hook/caribiner?

Quality - quality surpasses costs when it comes to sports equipment. The swing should withstand a high degree of wear and tear!.

Our swings are handmade in our workshop in Bali, not mass produced in a factory somewhere and our staff take extreme care in ensuring every swing is made to the highest standard.

Gravotonics stands by their product and offer a 5 year warranty on faulty workmanship and/or materials, however we have never had one swing returned due to faulty workmanship or materials in 16 years and this is a statistic we are very, very proud of.

We have never and will never consider having our swings mass produced elsewhere in the world to cut costs and become more cost competitive. We stand by our safety and quality record and will never compromise this!

How are Gravotonics Yoga Swings produced?

Gravotonics swings are made from the highest quality materials available. To begin with we use the best quality 100% nylon parachute fabric and custom made 6mm stainless steel hooks. All seams are triple stitched with the best quality thread, plastic tubing is ground to remove the rough edges and the foam is rounded off for neatness.

The adjustment straps are again triple stitched at 15cm intervals for more accurate height adjustment. Our swings are also super strong and will easily hold up to 150kgs (330+ lbs). All this is done by hand in our workshop.

Gravotonics Swings are finished to our highest standards and each one is subject to a rigorous quality control inspection before we approve it. Gravotonics swings are produced ethically and conscientiously. We do everything possible to limit our carbon footprint and are passionate about recycling. If you care about the environment as much as we do..


Gravotonics Yoga
Gravotonics Yoga

Our Competitor's Swings

Take a closer look at our competitor's products and you'll see how they can make them cheaper. The materials and manufacturing quality are inferior, there are loose threads/ends and raw edges on many of the seams. This can only mean that final checking or quality control is not carried out sufficiently upon completion. The plastic tubing and foam coverings on the grips are also rough and may result in injury when used. The plastic tubing edges are not smooth and the foam padding is cut but not neatened.

Many swings are "over made" and not very practical in their applications and uses. There are lots of extras that are unnecessary. If it were made more intelligently and less complicated it would be far more user friendly and versatile.

To follow are a few observations we have made:

Why is the quality of other swings so inferior when compared to our swings?

Simpy answered, our competitors all mass produce their swings in China.

Think about that for a moment; is that an ethical method of keeping costs down? China is one of the biggest industrial powers in the world today and it's also the biggest polluter. The world is paying a heavy price for China's reliance on fossil fuels used in manufacturing and its toxic industrial emissions. In China today around 500 million inhabitants are suffering from illnesses as a direct result of drinking contaminated water.

If you buy mass produced swings from China you are supporting the destruction of the planet, it's that simple.


Not height adjustable:

With many swings, the user is unable to adjust the height of either the saddle or the handles therefore limiting the use of the swing. It can't be used for floor work, i.e. yoga or varying heights of inversion, as the user is unable to lower the height or take it higher which is determined by the user's personal height.

Hand Wash Only:

It is far more practical to have a Machine Washable product like the Gravotonics swing, particularly when it is a piece of exercise equipment which will get perspired on and dirty. The foam type inserts used in some swings make it only hand washable and basically this foam is not really necessary. After many washes it will bunch up. If you need extra padding we would recommend having a separate cushion when needed to overcome this if required, but for the most part this is not necessary if the swings is placed correctly.

Also, if holding classes and having the swing in studios, when people are all sweaty while using them you want to be able to wash them quickly and easily, not have to hand wash them. People don't want to use apparatus that someone else has sweated on and has not subsequently been washed.


Our competitors claim they are using better fabric, but the Taslon fabric and regular Parachute Fabric are 100% nylon. Other swings are advertised as being more breathable than the parachute fabric but it is the same composition. The benefit of the parachute fabric is that it is lighter in weight. Many of our customers have had their swings for years and years which attests to the fact that the fabric we use is strong, light weight and durable.

Too heavy and cumbersome:

Swings with all the attachments and extras makes it very large and therefore losing its portability. Many people want to use their swings in the park or carry it with them but these products are far too large and weighty. With the metal springs and bar it makes it is very heavy and also seems it can't really be used without the bar system as no hanging strap system is supplied with the swing.


Some of our competitor's swings are extremely expensive to purchase which limits the consumer retail market. Gravotonics are able to offer and supply a lower priced, yet more versatile product making our swings far more popular. Our swings far more affordable for use in studios or at home. People who attend classes will normally want a swing for home use.

Foot holds:

Our competitors are supplying swings with bulky, padded foot holds which are not able to be used as hand holds making them impractical. The versatility of our swings far exceeds our competitors.


Each of the handles of some other swings are on a separate caribinier. Why? These unnecessary additional pieces of hardware make the swing difficult and more time consuming to set up and much heavier. All handles can be put on one caribinier or hook making it much easier to install. There is no need for handles to be removed for use during exercises.

No Hammock:

Many users appreciate the ability to use the saddle as a hammock.

Springs do not stretch:

We don't see the point of having the heavy, expensive spring system when it does not stretch. And if it did stretch what is the point? It would also not be usable for yoga if it stretched as it would not hold you in the pose. When inverting the swing saddle should not stretch and become lower and lower as it means more and more adjustment, which you cannot do in this product as it is NOT height adjustable. It is an unnecessary and impractical piece of equipment for "proper" exercise.


The bar is too short to do anything other than to hold on to with your hands or perhaps put your toes or tops of your feet on. You can't hang from it or use it as a trapeze bar as it is too short. What is its purpose?