SINCE 2003


About Gravotonics

The Origins of Gravotonics

Kerrie, originally from Melbourne, Australia, moved to the island of Bali, Indonesia in 2003 and soon after was introduced to a local, David, and his small crew of workers who were hand making hammocks from a little workshop and selling them locally to tourists and shops.

After hitting it off with David, Kerrie designed the current version of the Aerial Yoga Swing that we all continue to know and love today. Gravotonics was born – working together since then, they have happily seen the popularity of the Aerial Yoga Swing grow around the world for over 16 years.

Soon after the Aerial Yoga Swings went into production the entire Gravotonics Exercise System was developed and Kerrie began conducting Aerial Yoga workshops on the island. This was wildly successful and helped with getting the word out about the Aerial Yoga Swings worldwide.

During 2010, Kerrie met and became close friends with Stacy Schumann who had recently moved to Bali. Soon after being introduced to the swing, Stacy shared Kerrie’s passion and joined Gravotonics as a part owner.

Gravotonics Yoga

Together they have really nurtured the business to become a “swinging success”, pardon the pun, fitting out award winning Aerial Yoga studios and supplying leading gym brands, along with some of the most popular Yoga retail and online stores with Aerial Yoga Swings and accessories such as bolster covers, cushion covers, yoga mat bags, meditation cushions, didge covers, yoga belts and endless other custom-made products throughout the world.

In 2020 Gravotonics will transition in ownership to Paul Jenkin & Jamilah Le. Kerrie will settle down into retirement to spend lots of quality time with her kids and grand kids back in Australia. Stacy has been focusing on family life in Sweden for the past few years; so it is with their heartfelt blessings that they have entrusted Paul and Jamilah to continue the Gravotonics legacy..

Paul, Jamilah, Anabelle

Paul and Jamilah have been long time fans of the Aerial Yoga Swing and love to see people happy, healthy and enjoying the benefits of Aerial Yoga.

Jamilah is a loving mother, creative writer and Vinyasa Yoga instructor who loves to travel, write and nurture her mind and body through exercise/healthy eating.

Paul is a spiritual massage/bodywork practitioner with over two decades experience in holistic health, and currently has a successful massage studio in Melbourne.

Bali Team

The talented and hard working team in Bali continue to hand make every item to the highest quality and standards and are pleased that people love their aerial yoga swings and hammocks.